What’s the Difference Between Wax, Glaze, Paint Sealant, Polish and Compound?

Numerous terms in vehicle care items are utilized reciprocally and they can be very befuddling. I don’t think about you, yet I am about basic. To help make life somewhat less difficult, here is a speedy reference on a portion of our industry’s generally abused and confounding terms. Expectation you track down this valuable!


Wax is defensive covering that gives a warm profound shiny completion. Most waxes are produced using Carnauba, which comes from the leaves of the Copernicia prunifera palm tree filled in Brazil.

The explanation that carnauba is utilized is for its profoundly intelligent characteristics and sturdy completion.

To cite Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D. from About.com:

Carnauba wax has an exceptionally high softening place of 82-86 °C (180-187 °F). It is more enthusiastically than concrete and almost insoluble in water and ethanol. It is non-poisonous and hypoallergenic.

You would be astounded, carnauba is utilized in numerous food and different things you utilize each day. Carnauba wax departs a preferable completion over most paint sealants. Wax endures somewhere in the range of 6 to 12 weeks relying upon components such whether the vehicle is garaged, how it is washed and the cleanser utilized (by hand or go through a wash), and the climate conditions.

Diverse waxes have various properties as far as finish and the simplicity of use. Numerous organizations put their own promoting “turn” on to naming varieties of waxes to sell more items. This is one justification the disarray when it comes time to pick an item to utilize. Regardless of anything else, consider that it is so natural to utilize, the subsequent completion and how strong it is – which at any point factors are critical to you.


Consider coat an item that shrouds deformities like fine scratches in a vehicle’s wrap up by filling in and leveling the surface. Coating has essentially no defensive characteristics. The life span of a coating is short just up to 14 days, best case scenario, and is handily washed away. Body shops will utilize a coating as a last advance preceding conveying a vehicle. It is mainstream to utilize a coating as a last advance before utilizing a wax.

Paint Sealant

Think about a paint sealant similarly as the name infers. A paint sealant endures about twice the length of a wax, yet the majority of them do not have the profound, rich splendid sparkle that a carnauba wax gives. Paint sealants cling to the surface with polymers for a defensive covering.

At times, paint sealants can make the imperfections in the paint stick out. There are numerous distinctions of assessment on paint sealants as there is on about some other point in vehicle care. Beyond any reasonable amount to be canvassed here in this post!


Clean is a fine fluid rough used to eliminate imperfections like fine scratches, water spots and twirls from a completion. Utilized with a fast turning cushion, clean comes in fluctuating types of abrasiveness.

Shines don’t have any defensive characteristics like a wax or a paint sealant. Clean is utilized to address minor deformities in a completion as a last advance.





Consider a compound a clean on steroids. A compound does quite a bit of what a clean does however is more forceful and grating.

Mixtures are for eliminating weighty profound scratches, sanding marks, layers of oxidized paint, and other intensely implanted impurities in the completion. Since they are more forceful than a clean, intensifies level out a completion a lot snappier. Contingent upon how forceful the compound is, a clean for the most part is utilized thereafter as a last advance in polishing.


Ideally this assists clear with increasing a portion of the disarray out of what are wax, coat, paint sealant, clean and compound. There are likewise a few items that are “mixtures” that intended to play out numerous undertakings in a single means to save time. As we say “Keep It Simple” – don’t let the wording and promoting turn confound you.


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